How we optimize the sites: 3 blocks of search engine promotion

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The work on search promotion is divided into three blocks that do not have certain time limits and are performed continuously in the process of work.
1. Optimization of the site.
Experts of the company Tekhinform conduct SEO analysis of the site and ranking factors (internal and external). Internal quality refers to the text in terms of SEO, working with official html-tags and linking pages of the site.
From the very beginning of the work the specialists produce a qualitative selection of queries for further work. In the future, this core of queries is constantly reviewed in accordance with the general trends on the Internet on your topic in the required regions.
In parallel with the work on queries, the site audit is performed with some frequency, to fix the achieved indicators and adjust the promotion strategy. Even more often, a technical audit of the site is carried out, helping to identify technical limitations for the correct indexing of the site: the correctness of the technical settings and the site's html code is checked.
2. Website promotion.
The most labor-intensive work unit, since each task requires special attention from specialists. At this stage, a set of works is carried out, which contributes to the increase of the search parameters of the site, as well as to the growth of the site's positions in search results on request.
The key task at this stage is the formation of a correct and effective information field around the site (outside of it), on the Internet. Experts carefully select the resources that contribute to the formation of such a field. To do this, you perform an audit of third-party sites, similar to the one that is done for your site. This is important, since if an unprincipled or poor-quality site appears in the information field of your site, which will fall under sanctions, then most of the work done can be useless.
Only audited sites are allowed for further work: texts, articles, ads specially prepared by copywriters are placed on them.
3. Support of the result.
The main task of this block of work is to maintain the achieved results and build up a new one. The work implies the continuous execution of the first and second blocks, as well as a number of others.
It is necessary to keep the information field up to date. Over time, the initial effect begins to fade, as the search trends change monthly (since they are formed by ordinary users looking for something on the Internet.
To achieve good results it is possible only if there is a stable growth of quality information field. The slowdown in the growth of information field leads to a smooth loss of results, the cessation of growth - to a rapid. To avoid this, improving the site's performance in terms of search engine optimization and promotion is performed.
Performing all the scope of works listed in the three units, with constant internal and external audit of the site, the position in the SERP is increased.

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