Business without borders, or how IT solutions help to scale up a business

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A distinctive feature of an effective entrepreneur is the speed with which to make the right decisions. To do this, he needs to thoroughly present the dynamics of his business performance. The information technology (IT) field can help in this. For example, enterprise business process management (ERP) systems make your business crystal clear, allow you to effectively manage risks, optimize business processes, scale business, enter new markets, and constantly improve profitability.
ERP-system for small businesses.
In the business community there is a stereotype that the business process management system is needed only for large enterprises, because it is "difficult and expensive". This is fundamentally not true.
Even if you have a small retail point, ERP will allow you to collect statistics about your inventory, analyze and segment demand, predict the need for a product. All this will allow you to optimize your inventory and make effective investments in the purchase of new products.
ERP-systems are available to small businesses. There are ready cloud (working through the Internet) systems, which can be used for a small subscription fee. An even more effective solution is to develop an ERP system for your business. In this case, there is a close integration with the business processes of your company.
Advantages of development and implementation of ERP-system.
Own system allows you to automate any unique, but typical for your company processes. For example, the automation of shipment to the courier service, if you sell goods through the Internet (online stores), or automate the holding of micro-auctions, if your business is associated with the frequent search for optimal suppliers of products (construction companies, chain stores / cafes), or automation of the bonus system, if You have a highly competitive business that requires the stimulation of a buyer to re-apply to you (FMCG or clothing stores).
In addition to automating business processes, ERP can perform complex intellectual work: complex business analysis and forecasting. For example, in the field of customer service where it is very important to comply with corporate standards, you can analyze how and what welcome word the cashier affects the buyer's repeated purchases or how the average check varies depending on the speech modules used by the seller when communicating with the client. The system allows you to analyze the dynamics of various indicators in parallel while making changes in the standards, which facilitates the most rapid optimization of the business model.
Such close attention to business processes and to communication with the buyer opens up great opportunities for growth for your business.
Business without borders.
Automation and continuous in-depth analysis help build an effective scalable business. Formalization of processes allows you to clone your model in other cities / countries, and a centralized system of analytics with growing audience and increased sales provides more accurate statistics, builds better predictions.
Using your own ERP, you can run a profit growth scenario: business optimization and building an effective business model, business scaling (cloning), continuous optimization of the network business model, fixing increased profits, developing new lines of business for further scaling.
About your business.
Information technologies open up a lot of opportunities for your business. Correct use of information technology leads to increased profits. Effective use of information technology - to the progressive growth of your business.
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