Techinform on UfaDevConf

October 14, 2017 was the largest in the Republic of IT-conference for software developers. More than 700 specialists gathered, with more than a thousand applications - it was necessary to deny those who did not have time.

The stunning success that the first (and apparently already regular) conference found, surprised both the organizers and the head of our city, Irek Yalalov. He opened one of the sections, told a lot of good things about future support, went on to talk about the Tatar-Mongol yoke, was impressed with the success of Tehinform on the educational field - courses on RubyOnRails. Who does not yet know, we spend free courses in UGATU, together with the Department of VMIC.

I want to believe that the words of our measure will be put into practice, and IT in Ufa will develop not only by the forces of some enthusiasts.

Organizers of this conference were the "Open Region", as well as the largest it-companies of Ufa, which became not only sponsors, but also the leading ones of this conference - our "Tekhinform", "ModuleBank", "Tenzor".

Each of these companies led one of the 4 sections: front-end, back-end, mobile and common. Within the framework of the section, during the whole day, with interesting breaks for coffee breaks, interesting reports were presented.

The composition of the speakers was also impressive: Yandex, Avito, Postgres, speakers from other cities of Russia and, of course, the geniuses of the it-development of sponsoring companies also shared their secrets with colleagues.

We led the Common section, our project leader was Maxim Borisov, and Evgeny Rashepkin, the development manager, was one of the speakers. The report "Unusual tasks in start-ups" had such success that it was impossible to squeeze into the hall, and questions from listeners did not stop at the lunch break after the performance. This is not surprising, because our expertise in the field of it-support of start-ups, grows with every new project that we have developed for the client.

They were fed, by the way, very delicious, our friends of La Fate catering were as always on top - and desserts, and patties, and boiled coffee and even a wonderful plov for lunch - everything was fine. We are pleased to be part of the movement that is developing the region's it-industry.

UfaDevConf is definitely a success, we are waiting for everyone next year!


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