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Search engine promotion is a large complex of works on development of an information field around your site and directly on the site. The main goal is to achieve the maximum coverage of your target audience in the search engines, get the maximum of the transitions from the search engines, take the leading positions in the search results.
Within the framework of this set of measures, work is carried out:     
  • Uniqueness of all text materials on your site. They should be 100% unique in terms of search engines, so that they do not "think" that your site is quoting any other website, as this will be the basis for increasing that site and lowering yours.     
  • Registration of authorship of all prepared unique texts in search engines, so that when you cite your texts by another site, search engines do not "think" that you are quoting another site. This can happen if an article is indexed earlier on another site, and then on your own. Registration of authorship will allow this to be avoided.     
  • Placement of materials on the Internet on the sites of thematic Internet publications. Specialists make a thorough search for topical sites, as well as strict selection according to certain criteria, so that such placement positively influences the information field, and does not have a negative. Then every week, experts check all sources where information or articles are posted, for changes in compliance with strict rules.     
  • Work on submitting content: motivating the user to read more information on your site, open more sections and see more services.     
  • And a very large list of works.

Criteria for ranking the site in the search engines are very many. For example, for Google there are more than 200, for Yandex even more. Compliance with all these criteria and the fulfillment of all requirements allows the site to grow in search results.

Pros of search promotion:     

  • Investing in the future. The result of the work done on SEO, is saved and lasts a very long time.     
  • This positively affects sales and positioning: the quantity of quality professional information about your company and your activity on the Internet is constantly growing.     
  • Constant growth in the convenience of presenting information to your visitors.


  • The result is usually noticeable for 3-4 months of active work.     
  • The maximum result is usually achieved in 10-16 months.     
  • Not always the result can be somehow measured or estimated.

Contextual advertising - these are advertisements that are displayed on specific searches of users when searching. Specialists in contextual advertising make an exact selection of several tens or hundreds of phrases, which will display advertisements, make effective headlines and ad texts, develop a context advertising strategy, select and constantly update the lists of negative keywords (word-markers, by which you can determine, That the person who entered any request for which the ad is shown is not going to use your services, and in this case, the ad is not displayed for this request, you are not Spend money).

Advantages of contextual advertising:     

  • The display is always above the search output (often above the competitors' sites, if they themselves do not use this tool for promotion);     
  • Quick start - usually in 3-5 days the ad starts showing;     
  • A clear understanding of what the funds are spent on.

Disadvantages of contextual advertising:     

  • Every click on an ad is worth the money;     
  • The budget always depends on the competitors: the more competitors spend, the more you need to spend to also appear;     
  • Nor does it affect the position of the site in the SERP.

Additionally, as an option, you can expand the number of impressions of your ads to the audience of not only Yandex search engine, but also to its partners (Avito, Mail and thousands of thematic sites). For this, it is usually necessary to increase the budget by 1.5-2 times.

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