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To promote the site, a list of target requests will be generated, according to which actions will be taken to optimize the site and strengthen its "information field". Next, we describe the proposed work.
1. Semantic core of the site
For search engine promotion of the site, a semantic core (a list of key queries) consisting of phrases that people use when searching for a product (including analogs, substitute products) that the site offers is created primarily.
We think it's right to include both high-frequency, medium- and low-frequency queries in the worklist. Thus, a list of requests will be generated, which will allow to reach the target audience of the project as much as possible.
The list of requests will be generated based on search engine statistics and site content. The size of the list has no limitations.
In the process of work, the list of requests should be replenished with new words and phrases as new versions (versions) of the product, services and services appear on the site. This will allow quickly to include in the work all the new options and bring the site to the top on the necessary requests as quickly as possible. Requests that have become irrelevant due to deletion of relevant content or extremely low conversion will be removed from the list.
Promotion of such a kernel of requests can lead to a significant amount of targeted search traffic to the site.
2. Description of works on search audit
At the stage of the search audit, we check the site for compatibility with the search engines, so that the information presented on the site, correctly and quickly hit the search engines. Search audit is important as the first stage of search engine optimization. On the basis of a quality audit, an effective promotion strategy is built.
Search audit of a site includes:     
  • Compiling a semantic query kernel: an analysis of keyword phrases and site terms, query analysis in search engines.     
  • Assessment of the visibility of the site in the search engines:              

- the main trends;              

- the visibility of the site in individual search engines;      

  • Analysis of site traffic:             

 - total attendance of the site;             

 - traffic sources;              

- traffic from search engines;              

- Traffic for search queries;             

 - "quality" of the site's audience;     

  • Recommendations for text correction of site pages:              

- correction of typical site pages;              

- Text optimization of the main page;              

- creating additional thematic pages if necessary.     

  • Recommendations for improving the ergonomics of the site.

The result of the work on the first stage will be the prepared semantic core of the site and a list of primary tasks (for the internal needs of the Contractor) to improve the visibility of the site content.

3. Description of works on search promotion

In the course of search promotion, the Customer's site is constantly audited with the subsequent technical and text correction of the site.

Monthly, the Customer is provided with a report on the results of the search engine promotion, in which the dynamics of the site visibility, attendance of the site according to the targeted requests are recorded, and the tasks for correcting the site are made to improve its visibility.

The complete composition of the proposed works:     

  • Tracking changes in the main characteristics of the site according to the data of the main search engines (authority parameters - TIC, PR, number of pages in the index, number of links);     
  • The analysis of statistics of attendance of a site and sources of the traffic;     
  • In the event of changes in the ranking rules of sites by search engines, response measures;  
  • Constant analysis of the correctness of the site in terms of search engines;     
  • On the basis of the analysis of the site and with immediate need - the implementation of additional work on the technical and text correction of the site to improve its visibility in search engines;     
  • Search for sites for posting articles to form an information field;     
  • Constant monitoring of the quality of the work of posted articles and the strengthening of the information field through the search for more efficient resources;     
  • Regular adaptation of the promotion strategy;     
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of the activities carried out with the provision of a detailed report on the traffic to the site of traffic sources and information on visitors (the form of the report is adjusted depending on the needs of the customer)

Separately note that the list of works on search engine promotion can include SEO-copywriting services.

In addition to the monthly report, the Customer is provided, as necessary, with oral and written consultations on further strategy, optimization and details of the site's search promotion.

Тhe result of the work will be obtaining the desired result: an increase in the number of visitors and conversion of the site.


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