AnyDealer App

Autodealer mobile application for iOS and Android

AnyDealer is a mobile application developed specially for autodealers.

With the help of mobile application you can quickly sign up for the car-service, apply for a new car, learn about new promotions and special offers, to see the contacts of the dealership and the shortest route to it.

For users

this is a handy easy-to-use tool to use the services of the dealership

For the dealer

selling of additional services, increasing the average check and revenue, creating a positive image

Through daily updated tape special offers and quick to apply, increases the number of repeated customer requests, proportionally increases ARPC (average revenue per customer).

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Main Advantages

Easy-to-use personal mobile application cares about your clients


AnyDealer App designed for most types of platforms including iOS and Android, including both the latest and earlier models.


AnyDealer App works in most world languages including even Hindi and Thai!


AnyDealer App can work offline. Most of information services work without Internet access.

Cloud for you

Content and operations management is controlled through cloud- based back-end.

The number of repeated customer requests increases at the expense of daily updated tape special offers and quick execution of the application. Also proportionally increases ARPC (average revenue per customer).

AnyDealer App is beneficial to all: clients have a new and impressive experience, and the autodealer gets a powerful tool for communicating with clients.

AnyDealer App combines comprehensive up-to-date information with an impressive visual display.

Just $99 per month

for personal iOS and Android application

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